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  • Sale Apartament

    Sale Apartament 58 000€

    Chisinau, rascani, 3 rooms, Floor-1/5, 90m2, Furnished partial. 3-room apartment, 90 m2, this Czech-sells last price as host to 59 000 euro!
  • Sale Apartament

    Sale Apartament 54 000€

    Chisinau, ciocana, 3 rooms, Floor-8/9, 71m2, Furnished. Good condition, the double-glazed Windows in two rooms, tile in the bathroom in the bathroom, parquet flooring in the kitchen, a good everywhere, clean entrance, ostaëtsâvsë: furniture, appliances. Home of…
  • Sale Newbuilding

    Sale Newbuilding 65 000€

    Chisinau, botanica, 1 room, 65m2, Furnished. 65000 EUR furniture, option sale without furniture
  • Letting Apartament

    Letting Apartament 700€

    Chisinau, botanica, 2 rooms, 90m2, Furnished. A new elite House. In front of the brand new apartment, ELAT nobody lived. Rent for a long time.
  • Letting Apartament

    Letting Apartament 430€

    Chisinau, rascani, 2 rooms, Floor-2/10, 80m2, Furnished. Renovation, new House, new furniture, household appliances, built-in kitchen, closet, microwave, LCD TV.
  • Letting Apartament

    Letting Apartament 300€

    Chisinau, Center, 1 room, Floor-7/10, 50m2, Furnished. Monthly rent for an apartment in the city centre, on the street. Stefan cel Mare 6. Stylish and neat apartment on 7 floors, there are all the conditions. The apartment…
  • Sale Apartament

    Sale Apartament 17 000€

    Chisinau, botanica, 1 room, Floor-6/9, 18m2, Not furnished. Room at the Alba Iulia 12, first floor of the real possibility of an extension. The room has its own shower and toilet, a reasonable bargain!
  • Letting Apartament

    Letting Apartament 750€

    Chisinau, botanica, 3 rooms, 140m2, Furnished. For rent a new apartment in a stunning new building on botany. Equipped with everything you need. Super comfortable. For serious, respectable customers. 2 bedrooms, spacious living room, 2 bathrooms,…
  • Letting Apartament

    Letting Apartament 50€

    Chisinau, rascani, 2 rooms, Floor-2/10, 80m2, Furnished.
  • Letting Apartament

    Letting Apartament 250Lei

    Chisinau, Center, 1 room, 60m2, Furnished.
  • Letting House

    Letting House 550€

    Chisinau, ciocana, 3 rooms, Floor-3/9, 72m2, Furnished.

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